About me, Paula.

I’m a freelance writer, and I write about all sorts of stuff but mostly about Apple and technology.

I play the ukulele, write a lot, and mostly just act really nerdy. I’m from New Orleans and am working as a freelance writer right now. I studied anthropology and history in college, which left me entirely unprepared for the outside world, so I study all sorts of useful things in my spare time, like how to build websites and speak Spanish. I also do lots of incredibly useless things, like make videos of my cats purring.

I currently write Mac OS X and iOS reviews and tutorials for AppStorm and TutsPlus. I like to blog mostly about tech but also anything else that springs to mind at Sugoi Tofu. I commit needless acts of cat photography at Hey There Cats!. If that’s not enough, take a look at the rest of my completely incomprehensible projects.

If you’re looking for help with a project, get in touch, and we’ll see what great things we can do as a team.